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About ZEO Lab

Design Thinking

Empathy – the understanding of the real users' needs, generating a big number of ideas, their quick prototyping and testing to verify the validity of hypotheses are the core of the technique.

Searching for innovative solutions that will solve people’s problems around the globe is the primary objective of ZEO Lab, an Independent R&D center of ZEO Alliance.

The participants will develop ideas and prototypes of new IT products, which can potentially grow into a new business. ZEO Lab Team will be working based on the Stanford design thinking methodology, which is currently implemented by IDEO, Apple, IBM, General Electric, Samsung, Facebook, Air New Zealand, IKEA, BMW, Google, P&G and other companies on the Fortune 500 list.

With the help of design thinking methodology thousands of products and services have been developed. For example, the first Apple mouse and Airbnb service.

Welcome to the circle of innovators!

Companies that implement design thinking:

Possibility to test your ideas in the circle of like-minded professionals

Challenges and innovative solutions

Different professions and skills

Challenging project

New techniques in product development

Business trips abroad for live communication with users

Project stages

Who will be part of ZEO Lab Team?

What will you do?

  • Find new effective traffic channels.
  • Ensure profitability of the media buying channels.
  • Receive customer feedback and generate ideas to increase customer engagement.

You are the perfect team member, if

  • You understand digital media & advertising.
  • You have at least 2 years of media buying and/or performance marketing experience.
  • You are familiar with CPI, CPA, CPC models.
  • You are fluent in advertising ecosystem.
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What will you do?

  • Design visually attractive and highly usable web, mobile & desktop interfaces.
  • Create sitemaps, wireframes, visual mockups and design prototypes.
  • Communicate detailed specifications to implement design concept.

You are the perfect team member, if

  • You have 1+ year of experience in UI/UX design, background in graphic design.
  • You have developed marketing materials before.
  • Communicate detailed notes and specifications to implement design concept.
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What will you do?

  • Identify market opportunities and define product vision and strategy.
  • Understand customer needs and gather product requirements.
  • Determine the best technical implementation methods as well as a reasonable execution schedule.

You are the perfect team member, if

  • You have 3+ years of experience in IT, and you have been a Product Manager, Product Owner, CEO, Product Developer.
  • You speak English (at least upper-intermediate level).
  • You have strong presentation and communication skills.
  • You are interested in IT product development trends.
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What will you do?

  • Elaborate the product vision clarifying the goal and context of the product, manage a roadmap.
  • Write requirements and improvements based on user’s requests.
  • Review User Stories with the development team to ensure understanding what we need to build.

You are the perfect team member, if

  • You have 2+ years of experience as analyst in IT product company.
  • You know SQL and MS Excel.
  • You have strong analytical skills and problem solving skills.
  • You know English (at least upper-intermediate).
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What will you do?

  • Turn big ideas into simple, elegant solutions.
  • Work with cross-functional teams for user problem solving.

You are the perfect team member, if

  • You have experience in frontend and backend coding.
  • You understand the life cycle of program software and approaches to testing.
  • You know one of the backend languages: Python/PHP/GoLang.
  • You know JavaScript (React/Angular, Backbone).
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Project curators

  • Alexander Akymenko
    Alexander Akymenko
    Stanford University JSK Fellowship program graduate, founder of consulting company Yes&Design, co-founder of online-media
  • Alexander Akymenko
    Slava Kolomeychuk
    Managing Partner at ZEO Alliance, co-founder of ZEO University project.
  • Alexander Akymenko
    Yuriy Dvoynos
    Managing Partner at ZEO Alliance, co-founder of ZEO University project.

Pieces of the process

  • %

    Theoretical material + workshops

  • %

    Facilitation, mentoring and control

  • %

    Guest lectures

  • 70 %


  • 10 %

    Curated readings+ monthly book club

  • %

    Public presentations for management team

Design thinking effect

Design thinking is a methodology of innovational problem solving, which can be implemented in various fields: engineering, education, culture, service, business-modelling and others.

Design thinking is based on empathy, deep analysis and understanding of user’s problems, fast prototyping and testing of ideas to create innovative products and services.

The advantage of IT product development with the use of design thinking methodology is that it combines user needs with company objectives and technological innovations.

Design thinking effect

Human Values






Stages of design thinking

Design thinking effect


study of user needs


defining problem


developing solutions


creating product prototypes


checking solution viability

Participation in ZEO Lab project gives you

  • Freedom of choice of technology and course of action
  • Possibility to work in a team of professionals from multiple fields
  • Creation of a global-scale product from scratch, direct influence on its fate
  • Possibility to single-handedly define and understand user problems and find solutions
  • Unique experience in searching for innovations
  • All the resources for market analysis and research

Participation details

The project work based on design thinking requires full time participation. Therefore, all participants will get:

Selection for ZEO Lab is open until

September 14

  • ZEO Lab is open for participants outside Ukraine;
  • financial compensation according to market salary levels;
  • accommodation compensation for participants not from Kiev;
  • working space in ZEO office at Kiev, 6B Watslava Havela avenue;
  • possibility to visit ZEO-restaurant and gym at the office.

To become an innovator at ZEO Lab, you need to:

  1. 1. Send an application with your CV attached.
  2. 2. Get inspired at the meetups and workshops dedicated to design thinking, which will be held by our partner Yes&Design before the start of selection (workshop schedule is below).
  3. 3. Tell us why you are the right person for the ZEO Lab team.
  4. 4. Talk to ZEO and Yes&Design teams at an interview.

Learn more about design thinking at ZEO University meetups.